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Sub Prime Lending Big Changes

John Thomas March 10, 2007 Tags: ,
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Sub Prime Lending Big Changes Coming

Sub Prime Lending in for Big Changes in March 2007.   First, let’s start by defining a Sub Prime Loan, What is a sub-prime mortgage loan? Simply put, it is a mortgage loan offered to folks who don’t have the traditional credit history, down payment, or income levels that would normally be required to be approved for a typical conventional mortgage loan.

Here is a list of Sub Prime Lenders that have closed their doors recently; Ownit Mortgage Solutions, one of the nation’s largest sub-prime lenders of which 15-20 percent was owned by Merrill Lynch, closed its doors on December 5th, 2006. It appears that Ownit ran out of cash when it was required to buy back the mortgage loans it originated that ultimately went into default. Keep Reading...