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ITIN Loan Program

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ITIN Loan Program Takes Foreigners and Immigrants Closer to the American Dream!

Are you a foreign national or immigrant who wants to own a home in the US? The ITIN Loan Program may be the perfect solution for you. The Individual Tax Payer Identification Number mortgage loan provides financing for the purchase or refinance of a home foreigners or immigrants who may not meet the requirements for more traditional mortgage loans because they do not have a social security number. Call 302-703-0727 to get started applying for an ITIN Loan or APPLY ONLINE. Our ITIN Program is designed for borrowers who live and work in the US, that have a valid ITIN number and file US tax returns under their ITIN. Borrowers can be W2 or Self-Employed.

I Am a Foreigner/Immigrant. How Can I Own a Home?

Foreigners can buy property in the USA. Legal status is not required! You don’t need a green card or any type of visa or even a US citizenship to be eligible. You only need to secure one thing to get started: an ITIN, or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number.

Once you have secured your ITIN, you may then apply for the ITIN Loan Program.

ITIN Loan Program

What Is an ITIN Loan Program?

Unless you have a small fortune with you, the common means of purchasing a home is getting a mortgage to finance your purchase. The ITIN Loan Program is designed to help finance foreign nationals and immigrants who do not have a social security number but have a Individual Tax Payer Identification Number or ITIN for short. An Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) is assigned to those who pay taxes but do not have or are not eligible for a Social Security Number (SSN). These include non-resident aliens living & working in the U.S., undocumented immigrants, and some resident aliens.

Will It Be Easy for Me to Apply for an ITIN Loan?

Even if there are still restrictions for foreigners to get approved for a loan to purchase their home in the US, times are changing. It is now easier for immigrants to open bank accounts, build a credit history, apply for credit cards or apply for an ITIN Loan.

What Are the ITIN Loan Requirements?

To apply for the ITIN Loan, you will need to…

  • Secure an ITIN.
  • Open a US bank and credit card account. Make sure you report all of your income on your tax returns so that lenders can decide how much you can afford to buy.
  • Secure a copy of your US government ID card, Matricula Consular ID, drivers license or passport.
  • Be employed for at least 2 years in the same or similar line of work (salaried or self-employed).
  • Have 2 years of tax returns using your ITIN number. Your ITIN number must be on all tax returns.
  • Provide 30 days’ paystub if you are not self-employed
  • Provide your last 2 months’ bank statements

What are the Down Payment Requirements for ITIN Loans?

The minimum down payment for a ITIN Mortgage loan depends on credit score and tradelines qualifications. Below are the options:

  • As little as 10% Down on Primary Residence.
  • No Score to 659, minimum down payment 30%

What Types of Homes Can I Purchase Using an ITIN Loan?

You can use the ITIN loan to purchase the following type of properties:

  • Single Family Homes
  • Condos
  • Planned unit developments (PUDs)
  • Townhouses
  • Manufactured Homes (Class C, permanent foundation, NO LOT RENT)
  • 2-4 Unit Properties

What Are the Advantages of an ITIN Loan Compared to Conventional Loans?

  • Available to non-citizens.
  • No SSN is required, only a passport, drivers license or other form of identification.
  • Flexible credit requirements which allows you to use non-traditional sources of credit.

What Are the Disadvantages?

Can I use an ITIN Loan for an investment property?

Yes. You can use the ITIN Loan program to purchase an investment property. The minimum down payment is 20% on a non-occupied property.

Can Vest Title in name of LLC on investment property:

  • Maximum Four Owners or Members of LLC
  • Personal Guaranties requires
  • Each member completing the personal guarantee must be on the loan

Are ITIN Loans Available through the FHA?

No, the FHA Loan program does not offer any ITIN loans. In order to be eligible for a FHA loan you must have a valid social security number and meet the citizenship requirements.

How Do I Apply for an ITIN Mortgage Loan?

Remember, you can be eligible for a housing loan even if you’re a foreigner. If you have other questions about the ITIN loan, you can APPLY ONLINE HERE, you can call John Thomas at 302-703-0727. We’ll take you closer to your dream home.

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