Tag Delaware VA Streamline Refinance

Tag Delaware VA Streamline Refinance

Delaware VA IRRRL Guidelines – (VA Streamline Refinance)

John Thomas July 9, 2010 Tags: , ,
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Delaware Veterans Administration IRRRL Refinance Loan Guidelines (VA Streamline Refinance)

If you currently have a Veterans Administration Home Loan, commonly called a VA Loan, then you have the option to do a streamline refinance to lower your interest rate called a Delaware VA IRRRL.  This is called a Delaware VA IRRRL Refinance, which stands for Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan.  You must currently have a VA loan on the property you want to refinance in order to qualify for a VA IRRL.

VA doesn’t require an appraisal on the property or any kind of credit check but most lenders will require a credit check to verify a minimum of 600 middle FICO score.  Some lenders may also require a conventional exterior appraisal on form 2055 but this is NOT a requirement of the Department of Veteran Affairs, it is a lender overlay. Keep Reading...