Tag Delaware Property Management

Tag Delaware Property Management

Want to Invest in Delaware Real Estate, But Don’t Want to Be a Landlord?

John Thomas January 29, 2007 Tags: ,
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Delaware Real Estate Investing Without Being Landlord

If you want to get involved in investing in Real Estate in the Delaware Market, but don’t relish the idea of becoming a full time landlord then your next best option is to find a Delaware property management company.  But what should you look for in a property management company?  The biggest problem with being a landlord is finding good tenants and avoiding tenants that know how to work the system so that they don’t have to pay you and don’t have to move out either!!

Here is what a prospective property management company should do when looking for tenants for you;
LANDLORD REFERENCES –  They should personally talk to past landlords and ask detailed, open ended questions about the applicant’s past performance.
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