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3 Big Benefits of Homeownership

John Thomas June 4, 2007 Tags: ,
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3 Big Benefits of Homeownership

There are three very attractive benefits of owning your own home: it can be a sound investment over time, you can have stable housing payments throughout your 30-year loan, and there can be significant tax breaks for as long as you own the home.   Call 302-703-0727 to get started by getting pre-approved for a home loan or APPLY ONLINE  You can also view our monthly first time home buyer seminars at Delaware Home Buyer Seminars

The First Benefit of Owning a Home – Sound Investment

A sound investment is the first benefit of buying your new home.  Your new home becomes an appreciating asset over time.  This means that as time goes by, your house is worth more money.  This, in turn, allows equity to build up in your property even if the mortgage amount were to stay the same.  The acquired equity is the difference between the fair market value of your property and the amount of your mortgage.  In the last twenty years, real estate has averaged a 5% rate of return per year.  Let’s look at an example of appreciation over time below:

Length of Time Appreciation Value of Home
Now 5% $100,000
After 1 year 5% $105,000
After 2 years 5% $110,250
After 3 years 5% $115,762
After 5 years 5% $127,628
After 10 years 5% $162,889
Looking at the chart, you can see that even if you paid $15,000 more than the house is worth ($115,000), over time you will still make money.  So even if your house goes down in value for a year or two after you bought it, over time it will go back up and keep appreciating.

The Second Big Benefit of Owning a Home – Stable Housing Payments

The second biggest benefit to owning your own home is that you can choose to have stable house payments by having your mortgage payment fixed.  If you elect to obtain a 30-year fixed rate mortgage then your payment will be the same every month for 30 years.  But if you were renting instead, your monthly housing payment would probably go up every year by 5% because the landlord is going to raise the rent each year.

The Third Big Benefit of Owning a Home – Tax Benefits

3 Benefits of HomeownershipThe third big benefit of owning a home is that you can now take advantage of some unique tax deductions that you are not allowed if you are renting.  The Federal Government will pay you to own a home.  You can deduct the interest on your mortgage up to 1 million dollars as well as the property taxes.  This can be a significant saving.  The amount of the deduction depends on your current tax bracket.  You can also sell your house and take the profit from the sale tax-free as long as you lived in the home as your primary residence for two of the last five years.  Your profit is tax-free up to $250,000 for a single person and $500,000 for a married couple.
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