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Delaware Real Estate Investing

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Delaware Real Estate Investing

Delaware Real Estate Investing is a great way to build long term wealth through appreciation and/or through passive income from rents.  If you are new to Delaware Real Estate Investing then you can join DELREIA (Delaware Real Estate Investors Association) which provides support, education, and coaching for Delaware Real Estate Investors.  There are monthly meetings held every month.  You can get more information at www.Delreia.com

delaware real estate investing

DELREIA has plenty of experience with wholesaling, Lease Options, Foreclosures & Pre-Foreclosures, Tax Lien Certificates, and anything else related to real estate investing in Delaware.

Delaware Real Estate Investor Loans:

Hard Money Loans – If you need short term financing with no credit check or income verification you will need to get a Hard Money Lender to provide financing.  Hard Money Lenders will lend based on the value of the property, typically no more than 65%.  Terms are usually 6 months to 12 months max.  You will pay points 2.75 to 4 Points per loan and the rate is 12% to 14%.

Conventional Mortgage Loans – If you are looking to purchase a property to buy and hold for at least one year and can provide 2 years of tax return or w-2 income then you can apply for a conventional mortgage loan for real estate investing which will have the best rate and terms.  You are going to want to work with a bank that is experienced with real estate investing and investors.  You can use a conventional mortgage loan to purchase residential properties from 1-4 units and or mixed used properties that are at least 50% residential.  You will be able to borrower up to 80% of the sales price on a conventional mortgage loan for purchasing an investment property

If you are purchasing a investment property that needs to have repairs made and will not qualify for a conventional mortgage loan then you can use a Fannie Mae Homestyle Renovation loan to purchase the property which is a special conventional mortgage loan just for renovating and upgrading.  You will still need a 20% down payment.

Commercial Loans – If you are purchasing 5 or more units or strictly commercial properties then you will need to obtain a commercial mortgage loan.

If you would like to apply for a Delaware Real Estate Investor Loan, you can APPLY ONLINE HERE, you can call John R. Thomas at 302-703-0727.

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About John Thomas

John Thomas and his team are long-time Delaware natives. They know the local real estate market as well as they know the loan products that help them serve it. Dedicated to helping first-time buyers; the John Thomas Team are experts on first-time buyer loan programs (FHA, VA, USDA) and conduct monthly first-time buyer seminars that have been attended by more than 3000 Delaware buyers.

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