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Tag FHA Guidelines

FHA Extends Property Flipping Waiver till December 31 2014

John Thomas December 12, 2012 Tags: , ,
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Update to Property Flipping Waiver – FHA Extends the Waiver till December 31, 2014

In 2006, HUD published a final rule in the Federal Register amending regulations at 24 CFR 203.37a, prohibiting property flipping in the HUD/FHA single-family mortgage insurance programs by providing additional exceptions to the time restrictions on sales. The rule and Mortgagee Letter 06-14 became effective for mortgages endorsed for insurance on or after July 7, 2006.

For properties that do not meet the property flipping exception criteria, the property flipping waiver was recently extended through 12/31/14 Keep Reading...

FHA Wants to lower Allowable Seller Paid Closing Costs from 6% to 3%

John Thomas February 25, 2012 Tags: , ,

HUD wants to lower allowable seller paid closing costs from 6% to 3% on ALL FHA loans. Only a 30-day window to comment so URGENT that you take action and make comments, see links below.

HUD/FHA Proposed to lower seller paid closing costs from 6% to 3%.

I highly encouraged everyone to take action IMMEDIATELY to submit your comments to the FHA regarding the reduction of the seller concessions to a maximum of 3% or $6,000 whichever is greater.

Please read the notice below to see HUD’s points regarding why they wish to reduce the maximum amount of seller concessions. Some good arguments are made by HUD to do so…However, in the grand scheme of things within the housing market today and the view that I see from the ground floor, now is NOT the time to move forward with this proposal. Keep Reading...

Delaware FHA Streamline Refinance Guidelines for 2010

John Thomas November 2, 2010 Tags: ,

FHA Guidelines for Delaware Streamline Refinances have some significant changes from mortgagee letter 2009-32

Revisions for ALL Streamline Refinance Transactions:

At the time of loan application, the borrower must have made at least 6 payments on the FHA-insured mortgage being refinanced. In order to complete the refinance, you need to obtain an FHA Case # assignment but FHA will not assign the case # until after the appropriate amount of time has passed since you obtained the FHA loan.

Payment History:
At the time of the loan application, the borrower must exhibit an acceptable payment history as described below. Keep Reading...