Month June 2011

Month June 2011

Free Delaware First Time Home Buyer Seminar – July 16, 2011 Dover, DE

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Free Delaware First Time Home Buyer Seminar on Saturday July 16, 2011 at 1:00 PM in Dover, DE. The seminar will last about 2 hours and each participate will be able to recieve a free copy of their tri-merge credit report. The seminar will cover all of the basics of buying a new home in Delaware. The seminar will cover Delaware FHA loans, Delaware VA loans, Delaware USDA Rural Housing Loans, First Time Home Buyer Loan Programs and the Delaware FHA 203k Rehab loans.  

Each participate will recieve a Free Audio CD on Homebuying 101, Credit Scoring Handbook, Homebuying Handbook, and an opputunity to meet with a mortgage planner to be pre-approved to buy a home at the seminar.You will also learn importance of credit in buying a home and learn valueable tips on how to improve your credit score. Learn what programs are available to help with down payment and closing costs. The new loan limits for conventional and FHA will be covered as well as changes to borrowing 100% financing.

Your presenter is the author of the new book, Your Guide to Buying Your First Home in Delaware.

The Seminar is being held at The Seminar is being held at

The Sheraton Hotel at 1570 North DuPont Highway, Dover, DE 19901
Sheraton Dover Hotel

from 1:00 PM till 3:00 PM. To register for the seminar, please call 302-588-3665 and ask for John Thomas. You can also e-mail me at or you can register online at

For a Complete list of seminars visit

John R. Thomas – Certified Mortgage Planner
Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc.
NMLS # 38783

302-703-0727 DE Office
610-960-3109 PA Office
410-412-3319 MD Office

248 E Chestnut Hill Rd
Newark, DE 19713

Delaware Property Transfer Tax Exemption for First Time Home Buyers – New Castle County

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Delaware Property Transfer Tax Exemption – Qualified AREAS (New Castle County)

ATTENTION: Delaware First Time Home Buyers

Many Delaware municipalities and counties have enacted the 1½ percent tax, so generally the Delaware transfer tax is a total of 3% (1½ percent to the State and 1½ percent to the county or municipality). This amount is split between the buyer and seller of real estate, unless the parties agree otherwise.

The State offers NO Property Transfer Tax Exemption; however, the New Castle County has an exemption – .75% of county transfer tax fee – for first time home buyers (FTHB).

• In the City of Wilmington, you are a first time buyer eligible for the Property Transfer Tax Exemption if you have not purchased a residence in the City in the last three years.

• In unincorporated New Castle County, you can never have owned residential property anywhere (including other states or foreign countries) to qualify for the exemption.


• 26 – City of Wilmington* (2-Digit Number Represent 1st two positions on parcel number)

• UNINCORPORATED, New Castle County


INCORPORATED, New Castle County (2-Digit Number Represent 1st two positions on parcel number)

• 15 – SMYRNA (Town) Note: Part of Smyrna is in Kent County

• 16 – ARDEN (Village)

• 17 – BELLEFONTE (Town)

• 18 – NEWARK (City)

• 19 – ELSMERE (Town)

• 20 – NEWPORT (Town)

• 21 – NEW CASTLE (City)

• 22 – DELAWARE CITY (City)

• 23 – MIDDLETOWN (Town)

• 24 – ODESSA (Town)

• 25 – TOWNSEND (Town)

• 27 – AREDENTOWN (Village)

• 29 – ARDENCROFT (Village)

• 30 – CLAYTON (Town) Note: Part of Clayton is in Kent County